Why Are Popup Stands Still So Popular?

Why Are Popup Stands Still So Popular?

You have bought your exhibition stand space and now you are left with the daunting task of filling it. You have seen people using popup stands at previous conferences and thought they looked pretty impressive, but know very little else.

What is there to know about popup display stands?

  • They are easy to transport so will fit neatly into the back of most cars
  • They are quick and simple to assemble and do not require a dedicated team of stand contracts to erect the system
  • Each of the graphic popup stands come with printed panels which are fully customised to your specification
  • The transit case has the ability to turn into a useful exhibition counter, ideal for taking down potential clients information or displaying literature
  • The display can be fully illuminated with 150w halogen spotlights, allowing you to grab the attention of  passersby.
  • You can integrate monitors and Televisions within your Pop Up stands allowing you to run visual presentations. This adds to the overall wow factor and keeps people interested
  • You can buy reprints for future events and create a brand new display. Our replacement graphic panels start from as little as £95.00 and we cater for all popular systems including Nimlok, Nomadic, Easy Stands, Abex, Evolution and many more. 
  • The systems aluminium framework and magnetic bars comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacture's defects 

So hopefully after reading the above points you can see why popup stands are still as popular as ever with trade show exhibitors . 

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