Supplying Artwork & Design Guidelines

There are three quick and easy ways to supply your print ready artwork or design components:

1. Where can I find an artwork template?

Each stand has its own artwork template, which can be found on the individual product page below basic info. Click on the icon and find information relating to sizes, recommended design programmes and general do's and don'ts. If you have any questions relating to artwork preparation please call us on 0116 2047757 and we will be more than happy to help.

2. How to send smaller files 

If the file or files are less than 10mb you can email your print ready artwork or design components to Please remember to include a company name, contact name and telephone number on the email.

3. How to send larger files

If the file or files are more than 10mb we ask that you use a service called WeTranfer. It is free, easy to use and allows you to transfer big files in minutes -

How to use WeTransfer

Step 1 
Click the option Take me to Free.

WeTransfer Image - Take me to Free

Step 2
There will be a box asking you to add your files. Simple click the Add your files button and attach the artwork files from your Mac or PC. WeTransfer will accept numerous single files as well as zipped/compressed folders.

Now enter your email address and our email address (

In the message section please provide details of what it is you would like to order along with your name and your companies name.

WeTransfer Image - How to add files

Step 3 

Click the blue Transfer button. When the files have been uploaded successfully, we will receive an email link to download the artwork files and you will receive an email receipt. You will then receive a final email once we have downloaded the files, confirming that the transfer has been successful.

WeTransfer Image - How to send files

Need help preparing your artwork?

Not everyone has the facilities to create their own artwork so for those of you who need a little helping hand we offer a cost effective, in-house design service. Our team of graphic designers work with you at every stage ensuring you get the very best end result, with prices starting from £45.00 per hour for involved designs. 

Information for Designers

If you have any questions please call us on 0116 2047757.

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