Choosing the Right Pop Up Stand for your Exhibition

How Do You Decide on the Right Pop Up Stand for You?

Deciding on the perfect Pop Up display stand can be rather daunting, so we have devised the below key points about each of our main pop up systems.


  • Graphic Covered Pop Up Stands

    Starting from as little as £415.00 this display consist of full colour graphic panels which flawlessly attach to the framework using slim line magnetic bars. This is an impressive arrangement that allows you to present an eye catching design, helping to attract the attention of passersby. The key to getting the graphics right is using high quality imagery and logos. You want to create the right first impression and make sure you stand out from your competitors for the right reasons!
  • Fabric Pop Up Stand

    For £599.00 you can have a versatile display stand that is covered in hardwaring fabric panels, allowing you to easily and quickly attach posters and advertising material; using Velcro. It is ideal for anyone wanting to regularly change their message. You can choose from around seven different fabric colours, creating a seamless, carpet like wall of colour.
  • Graphic and Fabric Popup Displays

    A cleverly designed stand that combines the best of both worlds. The End panels, which wrap around the sides of the frame, are supplied as printed graphic drops and are often used to show a company’s 
    logo and web address. The front part of the stand is then covered in Velcro friendly fabric panels, leaving you with flexible and useful space for displaying posters. We like to call them combination pop up stands.
  • L-Shaped Exhibition Stands

    Great for corner exhibition booths where space is at a premium. Our L-shape pop up stands consists of two straight systems that are linked together using a bringing panel. Anyone who wasn’t in the business would think it was a one piece construction! For future events you also have the option of breaking the two frames up, creating two separate structures.
  • TV Display Stands

    Do you have a multi-media presentation that you want to run throughout your conference? If the answer is yes then you may want to consider our TV display stands. The freestanding Monitor display can be used within your main design or as a standalone unit. One front facing panel is affected by the TV itself and offer help and advice when preparing the artwork, ensuring you get everything exactly where it should be. Packages start from £999.00 and contain everything you need to create a unique visual presentation.

All of the above stands work in the same way, with each kit containing an aluminium frame, easy to locate magnetic bars, graphic or fabric panels and a transport case on wheels. Many of the readymade packages have also been upgraded to include halogen spotlights and a stylish exhibition counter kit, so all you need to think about is which one of our impressive exhibition pop up stands is right for you.

Each individual section has their own user instructions but below is a video giving you a useful overview. We hope it helps!

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